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Brent Tully’s lecture Fri Oct 17 7pm at the Space Centre

My big brother Brent is going to be lecturing at the Space Centre on Friday October 17, 2014! I hope to see all of you there! Superclusters of Galaxies You are here. But where in this immense clusters of galaxies … Continue reading

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Guest Speaker at Unitarian Church July 27, 2014

…for anyone interested, i’m the ‘guest speaker’ at the Unitarian Church (949 West 49th) – please don’t confuse with Unity at 42nd where i held the World Kindness Concert & my book launch – this Sunday, July 27th, at 11am…..”a 50,000 km Ride: A … Continue reading

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my brother Brent won the Gruber Award for Astronomy (Cosmology)

…my big brother, Brent, just won the Gruber Award for Astronomy (Cosmology) – it is the big award for Astronomers from all over the world & he receives it Oct. 1st at Yale University…he ‘observes’ in Hawaii at the Observatory and has … Continue reading

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Ultimate Day Tour

…i can get you 20% off the ‘Ultimate Day Tour’ anytime this summer – whalewatching trip from Vancouver to Victoria that includes the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. It’s regularly a $300 trip that is amazing! For the first 20 people … Continue reading

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Furniture for sale

… i hope you’re not burning up in this heat & you’re having an awesome summer! :-)  – i swam early this morning at Third Beach in Stanley Park & the water is warm!:-) Things have been hectic on my … Continue reading

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A thought for sharing

Here is my next ‘thought’ for my blog from my ‘Reflections’ books… “…our openness and honesty will be the difference between …doing things with each other, and being really ‘with’ each other doing things.” -Brock Tully -

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sharing thoughts

My current publisher has put up a Facebook page for me to promote my latest book! i will be sharing the ‘thoughts’ that i have written in the past, and some new ones too on that page… and putting updates … Continue reading

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