Brock’s 70th Birthday Concert Celebration

brock70…i’m very excited that so many of you are coming to my birthday concert celebration….please come early to get a good seat…all the info is on the poster below! Valdy is now coming & joining all the other amazing performers!

….i talked with them at the Oscars & they said they would show their highlights ‘after’ my concert so you won’t have to sit through the ads & boring speaches…or you can record it!

…in other words, see you on Sunday night, Feb. 26th…concert at 7:29pm!

an email i got that might be nice to share

Hello Brock,

I want to share a story from the other day.
A customer picked up one of your Reflection books, looked at me and said “this book changed my life!” She proceeded to tell me that years ago she was feeling lost, she found this little book and she was pretty sure that you were speaking directly to her. She went home, left her husband and told him that she needed to figure out who SHE was. Since then her path has only gotten better and said how grateful she is for picking up that little book on that day!
Have a great day!
Carol (Bookstore owner)
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