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Janine’s Story

Hello Brock,

Yesterday afternoon, I was taking “Red Rose”, my shopping cart, out for a walk when you came humpling across Richards Street. Your inner light caught my attention 🙂 I was honestly not having the greatest of my days and then you appeared. Heart wide open, big smile and happy eyes, just like a kid having fun, only now a grown up. Instantly my mood softened, we had a short fun chat near your car. Your comment to keep up my attitude invited hope in my heart. It was an encounter which lightened my heart and I felt happiness flow gently in. Thank you for your kindness Brock, healing my heart, you are a Speaker of the Heart. 🙂

A short story, how important is was for me, my encounter with you and your kindness:

A few days ago I just came back from a solo week, sosay “back to the forest” quest in untamed country/wilderness, just me myself and i, what a gathering. I was not planning to journey through the Unknown, within and without, the stripping to the bone experience. All I was seeking was peace and stillness, away from the city and to feel happiness again. Well it was a week alone crawling through canyons of fear and skipping through valleys of beauty – back and forth – what am i, what is THE truth. Making a long story short, the result a breakdown mixture of tears and laughter, hilarious moments of awakening in the now, face to face. All that helped to not go crazy, was to become a child again. First pacing like a caged animal, then just doing cartwheels and swirling around until dizzy, was so much fun and who cares anyway, no one’s here. It felt great and a feeling of new found freedom! When lonely I just talked to the flowers and the trees, picked some apples and observed the bees – yes being a child, remembering, opening the heart feels good. The world is perfect Beauty, in the sight of a childs pure innocence. Then a thought, a terrifying Beast appears, the world changes instantly, ignorance and fear not a great feeling. Slipping between these to worlds of awareness for a week is not a joyride. Yes, out of the mind, going crazy, talking with the world, laughing and crying, just being there as one with it all, what an experience, overwhelming sense of being, real.

Coming back from such a state into the city seemed just too much of a weird joke, really! what am I doing here? Well I’m here now. During my time alone, it became clear how important community is, to care for eachother. We are sisters and brothers – sharing the same light.  Each one of us seeking that connection within eachother in one way or another. We all seek happiness and love. 🙂

I agree, KINDNESS ROCKS! Watched Telus video, great things you do in this world Brock, thank goodness. 🙂 Your comment of how the world can change, just by relating to each other, as if each moment is the last, wow powerful words. The heart opens, no more attacking the world, love comes in, replacing fear with compassion.

I thank you for listening to my story and your kindness.
Keep on rockin kindness Brock, it’s contagious. 🙂 passing it on!
many blessings,

Andre’s Story

…please have a look at this video clip…i had Andre at our World Kindness Concert 2 years ago and he was living on the streets! There was a huge standing ovation after he played & sang! There wasn’t a dry eye in the Theatre! i heard he got cancer and i went to see him just before he passed on…no one knew he was sick…he wanted so much to come back to play at the Concert, but he passed away literally alone with his guitar in his arms (his best friend) – he wanted to say goodbye, so i brought a friend with a camera into the Hospital so he could say goodbye – i played this video for our audience at the Centre for Performing Arts….it was a powerful & moving moment!