“Brock Tully is a heartfelt inspirational speaker who demonstrates much compassion and empathy when he speaks about his personal life experiences and relates them his feelings about world kindness and how to treat others.  Brock speaks from his heart and captivates the attention of all his audience members.” – Carol Todd (Amanda Todd’s mom)

Brock speaks at schools and at a variety of businesses. This is a list of some of the feedback from presentations he has made:

From schools:

November 2016 – Gladstone Secondary

“Brock, you have experiences that were expressed gracefully through out your presentation that kept us all teary-eyed, smiling, thinking, and laughing – perhaps doing all those things all at once!”

“he’s one of the most youthful and playful elders I’ve met in a school” read the entire Gladstone Secondary Testimonial

September 2013 – Ross Road Elementary School

“The day following Brock Tully’s visit, the students were asked to think about a FEELING, a STATEMENT or an IMAGE about what they remembered about Brock being at the school the previous day.  IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE!!” read the entire Ross Road Elementary School Reference

January 2013 – UBC Student Leadership Conference

“I attended Brock Tully’s Keynote Presentation at the UBC Student Leadership Conference in 2013. It was utterly engaging and inspirational to witness his journey and the amount of heart he places in his life-work.” read the entire UBC Student Leadership Conference Reference

Bankhead Elementary School, Kelowna, BC

“His message of kindness was delivered in a positive, heart warming & inspirational manner. Our student body of 350 sat in awe as Brock told his kindness stories using an impressive power point presentation, slideshow, movie clips, songs & even juggling, but most importantly through the power of ‘LOVE’!” read the entire Bankhead Elementary School Reference

Palm Desert Middle School, California

“Brock was very inspiring with all of our middle school students.  His message brought tears to my eyes each time he presented.” read the entire Palm Desert Middle School Reference

Washington Charter School, Palm Desert, California

“In a caring, thoughtful, respecting voice he conveys a powerful message to students and adults.” read the entire Washington Charter School Reference

Tierra Pacifica School, Sata Cruz, California

“Having Brock do an assembly at your school is truly a gift to all.” read the entire Tierra Pacifica School Reference

 Elementary School District #23, Kelowna

“The anti-bullying message imbedded in your talk caught the students’ attention because you did indeed speak from the heart to them.” read the entire Elementary School District 23 Reference

Johnston Heights Secondary, Surrey, BC

“His willingness to be so entirely honest, vulnerable, inter-active and funny (!) left me feeling nurtured, validated – and changed. He reminded me of something that I sometimes forget – that everyone’s heart matters. And! He inspired me to get my bike out of the shed and ride!” read the entire Johnston Heights Secondary School Reference

From businesses and other organizations:

Domino’s Pizza Franchises 2016

Wow!  What an awesome presentation!! You truly exceeded expectations! I want to thank you so much for making the trip to Las Vegas to speak to my management team at the Domino’s Pizza World Wide Rally… read entire reference from Domino’s Pizza Franchises

International Association of Administrative Professionals 2015

I was moved deeply by Brock’s profound message & it helped me see how I can be a more positive, thoughtful, & productive person… read entire reference from International Association of Administrative Professionals

Dolphin Quest Oahu 2015

I read once that “Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It’s the only thing”.  That pretty much sums it up for me.  Brock does an amazing job at sharing a powerful way to live and work with kindness by being the example of it. read entire reference from Dolphin Quest

White Spot January 2015

“I truly enjoyed meeting Brock and was touched with his stories. His optimism and open hearted approach in various life situations are the best reminder and a model for me personally and I’m sure, many others.” read entire reference from White Spot

Toastmasters 2013 Fall Conference

“Have you ever booked a Speaker…bragged about him and prayed he will meet expectations you set? I booked Brock Tully for the Toastmasters District 21 (British Columbia) Fall Conference and told the organizing committee of what an amazing Speaker he is. Brock did not let me down! read entire reference from Toastmasters 2013 Fall Conference

Rotary Club of Hawaii 2011

“Mr. Brock Tully from Vancouver, BC, Canada. shared an amazing story of his 3 trips around North America on bicycle. He wanted the talk to be very simple, but actually wove an incredibly deep and personal tale about overcoming adversity.” read entire reference from Rotary Club Hawaii 2011

The Canadian Cancer Society

“I received over 60 evaluations with 100% of these evaluations rating Brock’s presentation as “Thumbs Up”. In fact some of the participants had marked additional Thumbs Up and Stars beside his area of the evaluation. Some specific comments were “More of Brock Tully”, “Have at least half a day of Brock”, “Brock’s infectious and cheery presence made the workshop.”  read the entire Cancer Society Reference Letter

Corporate Services Branch at Industry Canada

“Brock’s contribution was instrumental in bringing compassion, sensitivity, kindness, and understanding into the workplace. He did this through a series of personal reflections and a noninvasive exercise. Through the varied stories Brock had shared punctuated with humour, staff understood and appreciated the need for kindness in a professional environment.” read the entire Industry Canada reference

Rotary Club of Honolulu 2006

“As a presentation coach, I am especially sensitive to how speakers present themselves, and to the effect they have on their audiences.

Brock absolutely delighted me, and everyone else! At the end of the meeting, people lined up in record number to purchase his dear little books.” read entire reference from Rotary Club of Honolulu

Abbotsford Women’s Network

“Your selfless acts of kindness are the actions that will change the world.  Please don’t stop.  It is infectious!  I would highly recommend you to any organization wishing to make a difference in their operation and more importantly in their own homes.” read entire testimonial from Abbotsford Woman’s Network

Central Park Lodge

“Many motivational speakers provoke you with excitement and grandiose thoughts. Brock exuded his message as much as communicated it. He moved us to laughter, he moved us to tears, he moved every one of us, I am sure.” read entire reference from Central Park Lodge

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), Brandon Chapter

“This is the first time I have ever been to a seminar where I regretted that it had to end. Brock is a very motivating and inspiring man and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear him speak.” read entire reference from IAAP

The Consulting Edge

“Whether an opening or a closing speaker at your events, Brock will use his wonderful sense of humour and storytelling ability to help people think about how they can make a more positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others, regardless of the organizational context. In speaking to groups as diverse as business executives, professional speakers, athletes or school children, he allows each person in his audience to sense greater possibilities for themselves and others.” read entire reference from The Consulting Edge