Dolphin Quest Oahu

I read once that “Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It’s the only thing”.  That pretty much sums it up for me.  Brock does an amazing job at sharing a powerful way to live and work with kindness by being the example of it.  His open heart and authenticity inspires and treats your soul.  I didn’t leave the presentation with pages of notes and a systematic way of gaining success.  I left believing that each day and person is a treasure full of beauty and potential and if I tap into that, then I’ve been successful.  Brock- Thank you for being such a great example…

 Julie Rocho-Levine
Manager of Marine Animals
Dolphin Quest Oahu
“Brock Tully did an amazing job of bringing empathy, joy and appreciation for life into the workplace.  He connected the dots between being a good person and an effective member of a work team which in turn will increase job satisfaction and productivity.  I would highly recommend and welcome back Brock Tully!”
 Mahalo again Brock!
Sook Russell
General Manager
Dolphin Quest Oahu
January 2015

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