3 min Intro: Brock & his message


A documentary was recently produced on Brock and his message which was featured on Global News, see the coverage below or read more about Brock here.

Global TV: This is BC – Brock Tully

Inspire People Everywhere

How often does a story truly touch your heart? Make you laugh? Provoke tears? 

Brock speaks at schools and at a variety of businesses. Brock is known internationally for his speaking and as the author of 9 books. His heart-warming, thought-provoking presentation will leave your audience laughing, re-thinking and caring for each other more!

You can book Brock through Keynote Speakers Canada or contact Brock for bookings directly.

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Our mission is to raise awareness for a kinder world by getting to the ‘cause’, the solution, & the prevention of bullying, addictions, depression, & our many other social issue challenges.

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