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Brock Tully July 2018

Brock Tully

BROCK TULLYfrom the heart

How often does a story truly touch your heart? Make you laugh? Provoke tears? 

Brock Tully, B.Ed, internationally known speaker and author of 9 books, offers a special gift. His heart-warming, thought-provoking, multi-media presentation will leave your audience laughing, thinking and caring more!

It includes powerful insights and engaging human interest stories gained through three epic bicycle journeys throughout Canada, U.S., and Mexico that covered close to 50,000 km, with excerpts from his “Reflections” book series (over 140,000 copies sold). It includes slides and video clips from his internationally publicized Cycling for Kindness Tour (launched to prevent bullying at school, harassment in the workplace, domestic violence, abuse of our environment and animals, and self-destructive behavior), as well as music from his “Touching Hearts” CD.

GFM Project

GFM Project

Hi everyone …i hope you’re healthy & happy & everything is going well in your life!

After much planning, i’m now ready to launch this exciting Project that i’ve dreamt about for years! i would love you to be a part of it, & hopefully, you will find it is something that will inspire positive change & touch a lot of hearts.

THANK YOU for taking the time to consider this…

See Brock’s page at the Keynote Speakers Canada website.

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Brock Tully Keynote Speakerdownloadable brochure: Brock Tully, Keynote Speaker

Brock Tully is co-founder of Kindness Foundation of Canada  which has on-line Programs that show ways we can be kinder at school, at work, and at home. He is the Founder/Creative Director of the World Kindness Concert. He is a Co-Founder of Kindness Rocks in Schools – to prevent bullying & abuse. He is also Founder/Producer of One of a KIND Stories.

“Kindness” is Brock’s passion and his purpose. He touches lives, instilling joy and planting seeds that will help you to develop your own ability to give. With his contagious energy, he stimulates audiences to act with compassion in your own communities, schools and workplaces. He weaves magic with reflection, bringing love into audiences’ hearts by shifting moods and perspectives. Brock’s simple, profound message will empower and “remind” you how your own journey can be more exciting and fun!!

1970, 1st person to cycle around North America, 10,000 miles

2000, Cycling For Kindness, 18,000 km.

2009, Cycle it Forward, 12,000 km.

To inspire others, you must be inspired. With an open heart and an open mind, through keynote presentations and workshops, he will encourage:

• Open Communication

• Getting to the Heart of Life’s Challenges

• Creating the Work Environment of Your Dreams

• Learning and Achieving Excellence

• Higher Self-Esteem

• Kindness, Compassion and Passion

• Enthusiasm and Fun! 

Brock gives a money back guarantee if 75% of the audience does not give a top evaluation.

Brock Tully has touched hearts throughout North America.

“Brock Tully is a Messenger. He is an ambassador of peace and joy, acceptance and kindness. Five stars. Two thumbs up. An award-winning presentation.” Johnston Heights Secondary, Surrey BC.

“Brock’s infectious and cheery presentation was rated higher than the other keynote speaker who is known internationally as one of North America’s Top Speakers.” Catherine Richardson, Director of Human Resources, Canadian Cancer Society

“This is the first time I have ever been to a seminar where I regretted that it had to end. And, for the first time ever there was not one single negative remark about the Speaker.” Kim Longstreet, Past President, International Assoc. of Admin. Professionals, Brandon, Manitoba

“I began to realize the wisdom of his words and I felt my hair begin to crawl. The way he enables people to understand themselves and how they feel will help make a better world.” Miraleste High School, Palos Verdes, CA

“Many people commented that he not only inspired but touched their hearts and souls. It was a pleasure and a blessing.” Prince Albert Teachers’ Assoc., Prince Albert, SK

For more testimonials about Brock’s presentations see the testimonials page.

Brock’s Bio

– first person to bicycle around North America – in 1970 – 10,000 miles (16,000 Km)
– 2 more epic bicycle rides to raise awareness for a KINDER world…in 2000 (Cycling for Kindness), 18,000 Km & in 2009 (Cycle it Forward), 12,000 Km.
– author of 9 books including the ‘Reflections’ series – sold over 100,000 copies – newest book “The Great Gift…for someone special”.
– Founder of the ‘World Kindness Concert’, Co-founder ‘Kindness Rocks’ (Concert in schools to prevent bullying), Founder of ‘One-of-a-Kind Stories’, ‘Clam Chowder for the Soul’, Porridge for the Soul” – all Events with stories of people who have overcome tough challenges & singers with a positive message – & Monday Night Music at the Beach (performers sharing music from the heart).
– College Football & Basketball coach
– worked in psychiatric hospitals, addiction rehab facilities & crisis centres
– magician, juggler, & musician
– triathlete & marathoner
– Bachelor of Education (Physical Education & Psychology)
– Inspirational Speaker