Brock Tully…from the heart

Brock grew up in Vancouver, Canada. His story began as the first person to bicycle around North America (1970, 10,000 miles / 16,000 km) on a journey of self discovery and reflection.

He later completed 2 more epic bicycle rides to raise awareness for a KINDER world… in 2000 (Cycling for Kindness), 18,000 Km & in 2009 (Cycle it Forward), 12,000 Km.

Brock is an inspirational speaker the author of 9 books including the ‘Reflections’ series which sold over 100,000 copies. His newest book “The Great Gift…for someone special” has received widespread acclaim.

Some other of his proudest accomplishments include being the founder of the ‘World Kindness Concert’, Co-founder ‘Kindness Rocks’ (Concert in schools to prevent bullying), Founder of ‘One-of-a-Kind Stories’, ‘Clam Chowder for the Soul’, Porridge for the Soul” & Monday Night Music at the Beach (performers sharing music from the heart). His passion is for stories of people who have overcome tough challenges & artists with a positive message.

3 min Intro: Brock & his message
Heart Rider Documentary Trailer

Through a recollection of footage and present day reflections, follow Brock’s story of overcoming addiction and challenges faced when spreading a positive message.

Brock has also been featured as a “Community Hero” in stories like these featured below:

Bicycle Journeys

Brock has made 3 bicycle journeys around North America:

In 2009: Kindness… Cycle it Forward Tour:

Brock toured, pulling a 70 lb. trailer, through the mountains of mid America in the winter for 8 months, speaking at schools and other groups to raise awareness for a kinder world.

In 2000: Cycling for Kindness:

Brock & Wilma, with an incredible support Team, travelled through 33 States & 7 Provinces – 18,000 Km – for 7 months…for a KINDER world. They touched the hearts of people of all ages, styles, and colors!

In 1970: Brock’s 10,000 mile journey around North America and 12 inch journey from his head to his heart:

Brock was one of the first people to tour Canada, U.S. & Mexico – he was on a 10 speed bicycle with a 50 lb. pack on his back!

Brock’s journey was featured in a number of media segments, some of them are featured below:

Brock has been featured in numerous articles, here’s just a sample!

The Kindness Foundation of Canada & The World Kindness Concert

Brock Tully is the Founder/Creative Director of the World Kindness Concert. The 12th and final Annual World Kindness Concert, was held on November 16th, 2012 at the Centre For Performing Arts in Vancouver, BC. See this great video of the finale from the 2012 concert! For more videos of these wonderful concerts see this collection on YouTube!

Brock is the Founder/Producer of One of a KIND Stories and he was a Co-Founder of the Kindness Foundation of Canada which has on-line programs that teach kindness at school, at work, and at home.

Kindness Rocks in Schools

Brock is a Co-Founder of Kindness Rocks in Schools – concerts to prevent bullying & abuse. Check out their website to see a photo gallery, testimonials, teacher and student materials that come with the concert and more!

Final Thoughts

You have the power to bring so much joy to the people around you and help build a kinder world. Never be afraid to take a chance, be a friend, and have some fun. 🙂