“I really enjoyed Mr. Tully’s session at the 2017 Teacher Convention in Grande Prairie.  The people who were in attendance with me were totally enthralled by his message of kindness.  There was not an uninteresting moment throughout his whole story or during his meaningful messages. In my personal journal, I wrote down many of the insightful and inspiring quotes that he shared with us. It is a gentle reminder that God does speak to us with whispers of wisdom.  I borrowed his idea about his bracelets and I used it with my students during Lent, which is about a “change of heart” for the good.  For them and for their teacher, it was an excellent way to bring kindness to the forefront each and every day.  Thank-you!”

Sincerely, Len Mac Lellan (Grade 5 teacher of 23 years at St. Stephen’s Catholic School in Valleyview)