From: Peggy Allen []
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 5:31 PM
Subject: re: great meeting

Sept. 25th, 2005
Hello Brock,
I wanted to write and thankyou for the heart warming presentation you gave last Tuesday at the Abbotsford Valley Women’s Network.
I have been a member since the early 80’s and I cannot remember ever seeing a standing ovation.  Well done.  You touched the hearts of all the women that attended.  I have worked with the likes of Brian Tracey for many years and I found it so refreshing to be so inspired from the heart.
Your selfless acts of kindness are the actions that will change the world.  Please don’t stop.  It is infectious!  I would highly recommend you to any organization wishing to make a difference in their operation and more importantly in their own homes.
Thankyou for the breath of fresh air, I wish you continued success in making this world a better place, one talk at a time.
Sincerely yours, Peggy Allen