Presenter: Brock Tully
Audience: Bankhead Elementary School (K-6)
Location: Kelowna, B.C.

Date: April 22nd 2009

My name is John Vesterinen (Mr. V.) & I am the principal designate, music & phys. ed. teacher here at our school. We run a ‘Connections’ program dealing with empathy, self-control, conscience & tolerance. We brought in Brock’s workshop because it fit perfectly with our needs. His message of kindness was delivered in a positive, heart warming & inspirational manner. Our student body of 350 sat in awe as Brock told his kindness stories using an impressive power point presentation, slideshow, movie clips, songs & even juggling, but most importantly through the power of ‘LOVE’! He then capped it off with an impressive harmonica display! Brock…you rock! His interaction with the students & staff was professional & sincere. To wrap up I leave you with this testimony. After the 1st few minutes I had forgotten to inform the teaching staff that they were allowed to leave the assembly after dropping of the students & have an extra prep period. After a long pause, not a single teacher left the assembly! Brock had a captive audience due to his dynamic presentation. I would highly recommend Brock to any school or organization without hesitation!