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Bruce Johnson
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Barbara Kaminsky

July 16, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

It is an honour to recommend BROCK TULLY to you as a Keynote Speaker. 

Brock was a keynote speaker for our Staff Workshop on June 28, 2001. We brought our Staff together from all areas of BC & the Yukon to provide them with a day to recognize their hard work and dedication to our Society, strengthen our Divisional team and as a day dedicated to their learning and development.

My objective for Brock’s keynote address was to assist in inspiring and providing an environment to motivate our Employees, to discuss and enhance our Society Values and to help them in realizing that “Dreams can become Reality”. As Brock is a well-known visionary and the survivor of these visions, two epic journeys which involved a courageous and difficult journey of over 10,000 miles to raise awareness about the importance of kindness, I could not have decided on a better role model as a speaker.

I received over 60 evaluations with 100% of these evaluations rating Brock’s presentation as “Thumbs Up”. In fact some of the participants had marked additional Thumbs Up and Stars beside his area of the evaluation. Some specific comments were “More of Brock Tully”, “Have at least half a day of Brock”, “Brock’s infectious and cheery presence made the workshop.”

Some participants rated Brock’s presentation as the most useful part of the Workshop ahead of the training, other speakers and entertainment. Brock’s presentation was rated higher than another speaker’s presentation and who is known internationally as one of North American’s Top Speaker’s.

It would be a pleasure to provide further feedback on Brock Tully. He was and is a true inspiration.


Catherine Richardson, Director
Human Resources
The Canadian Cancer Society