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To Whom It May Concern:

I recently had occasion to attend an address by Brock Tully entitled “Speaking from the Heart”. I am not sure Brock said anything I did not already know or, on some level, at least recognize. However, he very powerfully reminded me, and I am sure the entire audience, of the importance, the value, and the power of “kind acts” and humanity to all others.

Our North American world moves very quickly and it is easy to not only get caught up in the whirlwind, but to carry on as though we are in control of the force, not noticing that we are no longer grounded in the reality of our fellow personkind. Brock’s address was so forceful, yet so gentle, that I did for a while think I had reawoken to the revelation by myself. It was only after his presentation, as he generously stayed on to chat, visit, and allow us, his audience, to draw more from him, that I realized I had only passed through the door that Brock had opened for me.

Many motivational speakers provoke you with excitement and grandiose thoughts. Brock exuded his message as much as communicated it. He moved us to laughter, he moved us to tears, he moved every one of us, I am sure.

I am honoured to recommend Brock’s presentation. I can think of no group that would not benefit, and draw, from his message, and his delivery of it. I would attend the same, or any other presentation of Brock Tully’s without hesitation. And I would thank him for the honour of it.

Please fell free to contact me at any time with any questions about Brock Tully’s address “Speaking from the Heart”.


Agnes Sutherland
Director of Recreation Therapy
Volunteer Coordinator
Director of Marketing
(e-mail address: agnessutherland@cplcanada.com )