Hello, Brock – I really appreciated your presentation to the students on Kindness today  The anti-bullying message imbedded in your talk caught the students’ attention because you did indeed speak from the heart to them. I was impressed with the students’ willingness to offer their thoughts on the meaning of kindness, and why it is important to have the courage to demonstrate it on a daily basis. They really liked your ideas, too.

I was scheduled to speak in a Grade 4/5 classroom soon after your   presentation, and I asked the students what they thought of your message. Here are some of their comments:

– it will make us think of being more kind

– very good, very emotional

– really motivating, encouraging

– he (Brock Tully)  had very deep thoughts and they inspired me

– exciting, mindblowing

– he’s cool, funny – tell him we think he has a cool mustache!

Many staff members admitted to shedding some tears of emotion.  You certainly did reach our hearts today!  

Best Wishes for your 2009 tour, Brock – thanks for coming!

Carol Garton

Elementary School Counsellor

School District #23

Bankhead Elementary

Springvalley Elementary

South Kelowna Elementary