November 15th, 2016

Brock, you have experiences that were expressed gracefully through out your presentation that kept us all teary-eyed, smiling, thinking, and laughing – perhaps doing all those things all at once!  It is possible with you…you lead us on a path that was real, genuine, and loving.  You brought us hope and kindness, what more could we ask for!  On behalf of all of Gladstone Secondary, “we love you!”

Fawn Ngo, Sr. Leadership teacher

“I found Brock Tully’s presentation at our school to be both heartwarming and inspiring. His care and compassion for his fellow human beings comes through clearly. I appreciated that he shared his own personal challenges and showed students that being vulnerable is not only OK but an opportunity to connect with oneself and others in meaningful ways. Plus he’s one of the most youthful and playful elders I’ve met in a school.”

Gavin Clark, Community Schools Coordinator, Gladstone Family of Schools