Re: Professional Development Day – May 7, 2004

S.D. #36 Surrey (Johnston Heights Secondary)

I recently attended a Professional Development Day workshop at Johnston Heights Secondary and it was through either divine intervention or just plain good fortune that I picked the school where Brock Tully was the keynote speaker as well as the facilitator of a session following his keynote address.

To say that I am in awe of his accomplishments is an understatement. I was wishing I could spend the whole day listening to him. I wanted to absorb him completely – his wisdom, his kindness, his peaceful, benevolent nature. His presentation was exciting, enthralling, entertaining, and energetic. His gentle voice packed such a powerful message. Was there anyone in that auditorium not touched by his philosophy? His willingness to be so entirely honest, vulnerable, inter-active and funny (!) left me feeling nurtured, validated – and changed. He reminded me of something that I sometimes forget – that everyone’s heart matters. And! He inspired me to get my bike out of the shed and ride!

Brock Tully is a Messenger. He is an ambassador of peace and joy, acceptance and kindness. His missive is important and it is with great hope in my heart that Brock will continue to spreadhis message that we all can make a difference at work, at home, and in our communities simply by taking positive action. How I wish that it be required listening for each and every child in our schools to hear Brock speak because his lesson is the most important lesson of all – to stay connected to our soul, to put our ear close to our heart and listen hard, to remember that we are all One……

The Brock Tully Show – Five stars. Two thumbs up. An award-winning presentation.

Please pass on my heartfelt appreciation and immense thanks to Brock for his great gift of time, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that he shared with us on this wonderful day.

Sincerely yours,

Marianne Lawrenson