Mr. Brock Tully from Vancouver, BC, Canada. shared an amazing story of his 3 trips around North America on bicycle. He wanted the talk to be very simple, but actually wove an incredibly deep and personal tale about overcoming adversity. He was in college and was challenged by a classmate to ride a bike across the US, and he accepted the offer,  changing his life forever. Although superficially he was happy-go-lucky, deep inside him he felt very depressed and even suicidal at the time. During what ended up being a 10,000 mile journey through the US, Mexico and Central America, he not only had several brushes with death and was even jailed in the deep South, but he found himself and in particular the joy of doing things for others. He is a changed man now, has been clean and sober for 35 years and has a Love of Life that emanated from him in his words. He has now authored several books on his trips and the reflections made, and also founded the World Kindness Concert, and the Kindness Foundation. He travels around the globe now speaking to groups of all ages with a mission to prevent violence and bullying against children. This was a remarkable story from an outstanding man who has truly devoted his life to serving others.

Gene Grounds Program Director – Rotary of Hawaii

Your inspirational ‘talk’ was one of the best we’ve experienced. Your messages were timeless in their ability to encourage kindness and an outlook outside of ourselves.

Mo Radke – President – Rotary of Hawaii