Brock Tully June 15 WEAAD poster

Over the years, both Donna and I have attended numerous events for personal development and growth. Several have been financial in nature, religious, self-esteem and educational, but you zeroed in on KINDNESS so beautifully. It was such a pleasure to have met you and we enjoyed your personal stories immensely. You had the audience in the palm of your hand. It was evident by the questions asked by those in attendance that you had touched their hearts. Also interesting to see posts of people who missed the event, and would have attended if they knew about it.


René Jaspar and Donna Miller


I am so happy that we chose Brock to be our guest speaker. He was truly a breath of fresh air, and his positive energy really changes the mood of everyone around!

Our event theme was on kindness and respect. Brock shared bits of his journey, as well as stories behind his books. The night also included a magic act and juggling! Lots of laughs were heard throughout the night, and the audience seemed quite engaged. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a guest speaker quite so much!

Allyssa Bremner

Elder Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Town of Sylvan Lake


Brock Tully’s presentation on kindness and respect truly captivated the audience. His warm and thought provoking “reflections” inspired all who were in attendance.

Alissa McDonald

Community Development Coordinator

Town of Sylvan Lake


“As organizer of the event Brock was a pleasure to work with.  His message on ‘Respect and Kindness” was powerful and impactful.  He is a dynamic speaker and entertainer!”

Colleen Lewis
FCSS Elder Abuse Prevention Coordinator
FCSS Regional Vision for Non-Violence Coordinator

The Regional Vision for Non-Violence Coalition received the 2016 Government of Alberta’s “Inspiration Award” for their groups work in Family Violence Prevention!