“If you feel that you alone suffered a ‘different’ kind of day or life, out of your expectations, you need to hear and be with Brock!
I noticed and could feel that during his Keynote Speech, at our Toastmasters Fall 2013 Conference, the attendees in the room were soul-searching to appreciate life more, and to apply more acts of kindness daily.
The next day, after Brock’s message, many attendees further expressed that Brock’s heart-awakening message was no doubt, and indeed, a ‘pick-me-upper’.”
Kusayla Nathan, DTM,
Toastmasters Fall 2013 Conference Co-Chair and Ass. Lt Gov of Ed & Trg/2013-2014/District 21-BC
“Have you ever booked a Speaker…bragged about him and prayed he will meet expectations you set? I booked Brock Tully for the Toastmasters District 21 (British Columbia) Fall Conference and told the organizing committee of what an amazing Speaker he is. Brock did not let me down! I had the opportunity to thank him at the end of his presentation. It took quite a while waiting for the audience to sit down after a long, loud, and appreciative response to his inspirational message. Thank you Brock!”
Gene Vickers, DTM
Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training, District 21N
Toastmasters International – Where Leaders are Made.
“This past weekend i was warmed and enlightened by Brock Tully’s Keynote address at our Toastmasters Conference. Listening to the powerful message as he shared his beautiful stories and ‘thoughts’ from the heart made me appreciate his continuing quest to spread kindness throughout the world. I know I was not the only person inspired to tears. If you ever get a chance to hear him Speak, do not hesitate! He truly makes this world a better place.”
Linda Berti
Attendee – Toastmasters Fall Conference 2013
“Brock’s Keynote Speech to District 21 Toastmasters connected ‘very’ well to the large audience. His message of kindness speaks to the positive and supportive mindsets of Toastmasters members and dove tails to our vision of helping make this a better world.”
George Yen DTM
International President from Taiwan (representing 112 countries)
Toastmasters International