Group Tickets for World Kindness Concert Available

…people always ask me “How can i be involved more in making a difference?” – President Obama just spoke to the Nation after 12 people were tragically gunned down in a Movie Theatre in Colorado and he said “we get so caught up on the trivial things in life…let’s get back to what’s most important…reaching out and being kind to each other!”

This is what will prevent the on-going bullying and violence! THAT is what the World Kindness Concert is about….

The greatest way YOU can help is by getting your tickets early, and by bringing others! This is a GREAT Christmas present for family & friends, or for bringing people from work….a great way to bond and improve morale!:-) If you are interested in GROUP TICKETS or being a sponsor please visit:

Your support means a lot – TOGETHER we CAN create a KINDER world!:-)

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