2nd Annual Largest Human Peace Sign

Join me and 6,000 Peace Ambassadors on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Matthews Field on the UBC campus at the 2nd Annual Largest Human Peace Sign Concert. I am the master of ceremonies and many of my friends from the World Kindness Concert will be performing. Go to www.humanpeacesign.com to register and find out more information. This is VERY exciting!!!:-)

One response to “2nd Annual Largest Human Peace Sign”

  1. Here I am home from the peace sign event which as you know had about 652 people for it’s 2nd time I’m told. The weather was great. The helicopter took the picture and a woman lead us with om and more and was great. Awesome. Coming from Lanley and not used to driving long distances I only made one miscue at New West and had to get directions and smooth sailing home once I got off 17West onto Oak street bridge. Parking was so easy and all was easy on my wallet. Thank you organizers. It’s too bad more people aren’t interested in peace.Maybe next yr.

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