Feedback from my visit to Ross Road Elementary School

… i recently had a wonderful time speaking at Ross Road Elementary School… here is some of the feedback!

“The day following Brock Tully’s visit, the students were asked to think about a FEELING, a STATEMENT or an IMAGE about what they remembered about Brock being at the school the previous day.  IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE!!  The kids were coming up with all sorts of things – really poignant and ABSOLUTE about what Brock had spoken of.  As each of them shared their thought, the teacher put these thoughts on the board in the classroom so that they could READ this and SEE THIS all day. Very inspirational.  The most POWERFUL message from Brock being in our school was that anyone who is mean or picking on you is just MISSING SOMETHING IN THEIR HEART ~  this was the message that was felt the most.  We were VERY PRIVILIGED to have Brock Tully at our school and his message resonated loud and clear for all.”

Jennifer Vandermye

Parent / PAC Executive / Speaking engagements

Ross Road Elementary School, North Vancouver

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