Heart Awakening Self-Worthshop Nov 23, 2013

… i’m heading out to warmer places for the last part of December & all of January, so i just wanted to let you know about an exciting event i’m a part of (Nov. 23rd) & hopefully you can be a part of it too!:-) All the info is below and it is an honour to be doing this workshop with the 4 amazing people below….i really hope you can make it that day…i’d love to see you there!

Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
Norman Vincent Peale
The first ever, November 23rd
is about YOU!
Our Collective #1 Priority
When the five of us—BROCK TULLY, TED KUNTZ, DENISE HAGAN, PATRICIA CONNOR & JOYCE ROSS—gathered to plan our November 23rd Heart Awakening Self-WORTHshop, our collective #1 priority was to provide an interactive course where each participant would ‘experience, feel & shift into’ increased self-worth and personal satisfaction.
The ‘Why’ of our Priority
All of us have attended seminars/workshops where we were ‘lectured to’ instead of ‘listened to’ and ‘actively engaged.’ Like everyone else, we left these assemblies inspired, but without any new ‘tools’ to sustain and propel us toward a more fulfilled and meaningful life.
The Truth!
To truly shift, you need new skills…the know-how’s for sustainable healing and growth. 
Are you ‘stuck’ in emotions and beliefs that derail your dreams and joy?
Are you tired of over-thinking your life?
Are conflict, resentment and regret robbing your sense of peace?
Do you wish to feel more connected, confident and whole?
Is absolute joy eluding you personally and/or professionally?
You’re not alone! Read about our journeys below, or skip to the bottom to register for the
Heart Awakening Self-WORTHshop
Saturday, November 23 (9 am – 5 pm)
#202, 14620 64th Ave., SURREY
(Maxim of 50 participants)


Our Journeys
3 times! BROCK TULLY bicycled around North America to create a kinder world, cycling a total of more than 50,000 kilometers. Now a sought-after international speaker and one of the most fun and entertaining people on the planet, Brock was once a deeply depressed, uninspired university graduate. The 12 inch journey from his head to his heart literally saved his life. Brock now shares heart-illuminating ‘tools’ for reclaiming your authentic, kind and confident self through his best-selling books, Kindness Sings concerts and interactive self-WORTHshops. http://www.brocktully.com
Due to a sudden and life-altering shift in his young son Josh’s health, psychotherapist TED KUNTZ became angry and resentful. It wasn’t until he saw himself through his son’s eyes that he was able to heal and move forward in gratitude. A best-selling author,renowned keynote speaker and founder of Peace Begins With Me, Ted now travels the globe sharing what Josh taught him: mastery know-how for holding a personal vibration of peace that transforms challenges into acceptance, even joy. http://www.peacebeginswithme.ca
Globally celebrated, sacred songwriter and inspirational performer DENISE HAGAN transcended a life-threatening illness through music. Dedicated to opening the heart of humankind through sound, story and song, Denise has produced five albums and is a sought-after singer and inspirational facilitator. Inspired by a glorious divine calling, Denise shares skills for accessing the ‘life-juices within your creative heart‘ so that you will discover, experience and realize how its full expression is life’s best muse and medicine.http://www.denisehagan.com
PATRICIA CONNOR once suffered from debilitating depression fueled by nonstop deprecating self-talk. Patricia overcame her shadows and is now an ordained minister, inspirational facilitator, author, co-founder of Kindness is Key Training & Publishing: home of the Heartmind Wisdom anthology collection. Thrilled to share what healed her, Patricia shares confidence empowering ‘connection’ techniques for authentically bonding with your heart, then others. http://www.kindnessiskey.com
JOYCE ROSS overcame an addiction that destroyed her finances, self-respect and reputation. She is now an inspirational author, editor and co-founder of Kindness is Key Training & Publishing: home of the Heartmind Wisdom anthology collection. Sharing the divinely-inspired exercises that refashioned her life, Joyce shows you how to transform missteps and self-recrimination into gratitude, love and joy. http://www.kindnessiskey.com

Register today

to experiencefeel and shift into

increased self-worth and personal satisfaction.
Heart Awakening Self-WORTHshop

Saturday, November 23rd, (9 am – 5 pm)

# 202 – 14620 64th Ave., SURREY

(Maximum of 50 participants.)
$100 includes healthy refreshments, coffee and tea.
Register by return email, by phone at 604-764-0140 or

online at http://www.kiklibrary.com.


To receive a discount, while on the check-out page in the KiK Library,

type in one of the following codes into the box below REDEMPTION CODES:

heart = a 15% discount


2for150 = 25% discount for those attending with a friend.

When you heal and grow, everything changes.

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