Vision Quest Feb 1, 2014

… i just got back from the greatest holiday in Florida & Mexico! 🙂   i really hope you had a great Christmas & that 2014 is a fantastic year! i hope we can connect sometime….i have a few things i’d like to share.

…i would love you to join me this Saturday, Feb. 1, (FREE) for an introductory seminar called “Vision Quest” – we are going to support each other for 3 months eating VERY healthy, & learning at the same time, with the support of two amazing experts (Charles Holmes & Wind Walrath) who really care about our health & want us to better understand what is essential for our health…it is free for 3 months – except for the cost of products you choose to take. It is so much easier & fun to do this together!:-)  details below!

For this Saturday, Feb 1, come out and learn about a profoundly disciplined, liberating nutritional health recovery food program called the Proterrain pH balancing diet/eating program that when embarked on for a minimum of 3 months, will initiate life long healthy lifestyle changes and practices.  Learn how to get started, getting into the specifics of the program, laying out a daily eating plan, teaching about product usage, hearing a few testimonies  from members who have had astounding results from doing the 3 month Proterrain pH balancing eating program and how it has become a lifetime vision quest to live exceptionally well.
Find out about Conscious Planets easily accessible, afforable, DO IT YOURSELF healthy eating program.  We know in our hearts that this is the ultimate program that EVERYONE will eventually have to embark on to regain the health we have all STRESSED away in so many areas of our lives, especially around FOOD and MONEY.  We know for certain the Proterrain pH Balancing nutritional food program will wakeup up your original blueprint to a whole new experience of thriving and living well…see
Please join us on Feb 1st, Saturday at 2pm at the Conscious Planet office
112, 5589 Byrne Rd, Burnaby

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