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… i hope you’re not burning up in this heat & you’re having an awesome summer! 🙂  – i swam early this morning at Third Beach in Stanley Park & the water is warm!:-)

Things have been hectic on my end as it isn’t easy to move (but the new apartment is going to be beautiful when finished), but i do want to stay in touch as i’m planning to organize some smaller concerts soon & i’d like to support our amazing local musicians & performers who sing from the heart!!

…please click on the following link…it is a ‘virtual tour’ with photos (below tour) of furniture i’m selling – i’m sad to see them go, but the new apartment is tiny with no walls – just windows….for sale (all include ‘or best offer’) at a very low price are the ‘big antique pine cabinet’ ($2,000 for just $500); the ‘green pine display piece’ ($1500 for $500); the Mexican pine corner piece ($200); the two futons in great shape with mattresses ($150); & an excellent vacuum that is like new – just $500 (new it was between $2,000-2500); & in the photo below ‘virtual tour’ is the pine desk (a work of fine craftmanship) for $500 – all these are at these low prices or ‘best offers’…i need to know right away!:-)

Here is the link to view the furniture…

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  1. Hi Brock,

    What make is the vacuum? Does it have a good power head and heap filter? Could you post a pic?

    We’re in Kamloops but making a trip to the coast in a couple weeks…


    Ely Brown

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