New Book by Brock

Brock's Reflections from the heart book cover
Brock’s Reflections from the heart book cover

i just released a new book of my Reflections from the heart… please contact me for information on how to get a copy!


Christmas book offer

…i’m heading off to Hawaii in just over a week – i know, it’s pretty mean of me to tell you that!:-) – and i just want to wish you lots of happiness & great health in 2016!

…i have an offer, i hope you like, as i wrote my ‘Reflections’ gift books because i wanted to touch people’s hearts all over the world & i’ve had such great feedback over the years (someone’s granny even wanted to be buried with my books & that touched me deeper than you could ever imagine) & so i want to get them out to as many people as possible to support them on their journey! In stores, my books are $8-10 & you can get them from me for just $5 (less than most greeting cards:-) …a friend just got 50 to pass out to people. i gave him a slight discount as this is basically at my cost! Please see the photo of 5 of my 9 books. The Great Gift book (in the photo) is $20. Contact me for books!


My ‘Reflections’ books

…i’ve always wanted everyone to have my ‘Reflections’ books (they are around the world & in other languages:-) – any time you’d like to purchase a quantity of over 10 books as gifts, i will do it for $4 each (regularly $8) – greeting cards are $7 these days, so it’s an awesome deal:-)  Contact me for more information!

…and don’t forget my ‘Reflections’ books are available as eBooks from Amazon too! so everyone around the world can have a copy in eBook format!


International Day of Families

May 15th to 18th! Come join the discussion as there are about 5 amazing authors at each Bookstore who will be sharing their wisdom & insight on different issues in a discussion-style format…i have the honour of being one of the authors at 3 of the 4 events…please see below the other authors! i’d love to see you there!:-) – i will be at Book Warehouse on the 16th/and in Victoria at Chapters on the 17th & 18th….i will NOT be at Black Bond Books in Surrey, but i hope you can attend anyways! for more info.


May 15, 2014

What does ‘family’ mean to you?

These stories range from family abandonment to reuniting with family; from the lessons learned on the road to the lessons learned at home; from personal experiences to the psychology of family and relationships. Celebrate International Day of Families with us at these interactive author events, May 15-18.

Join the debate

Adoption Not An OptionEugenea Couture

A Man’s Work is Never DoneJames Cloughley

Orphan SoliderBen Hess

Four Homeless MillionairesRik Leaf

So Where Do You Go at Night?Patrick Hill

Dr. Love’s Prescription for a Romantic Loving ManBobby O’Neal

The Great Gift for Someone SpecialBrock Tully

Can I Be Me Without Losing You?Chental Wilson

MORE: A New Philosophy for Exceptional LivingAlyson Jones

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May 156:30-8:30pm
Black Bond Books
1-15562 24th Ave, Surrey
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Fri. May 16, 6:30-8:30pm
Book Warehouse
632 West Broadway, Vancouver
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Sat. May 17 & Sun. May 182-4pm
Chapters Victoria
1212 Dougals Street, Victoria
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