Book Signing Saturday June 9, 2018

…i’m doing a book signing at Indigo on Granville near Robson on Saturday June 9th from 2-5pm...i’m really excited about my new book “Reflections…from the heart” – a compilation of my previous ‘thoughts’ plus more! i hope you can come visit….no pressure to buy – i promise!!!:-)


Your logo on my books for gifts to others

…i’m doing a nice special on my small ‘Reflections’ books at my cost & where you can put your logo in it as a gift  to others. One friend is getting 1,000 copies to pass on as a gift from her business. They can be given to first responders, the police, teachers, students, nurses, etc. (100 copies or more please)

contact me for this special offer

Christmas book offer

…i’m heading off to Hawaii in just over a week – i know, it’s pretty mean of me to tell you that!:-) – and i just want to wish you lots of happiness & great health in 2016!

…i have an offer, i hope you like, as i wrote my ‘Reflections’ gift books because i wanted to touch people’s hearts all over the world & i’ve had such great feedback over the years (someone’s granny even wanted to be buried with my books & that touched me deeper than you could ever imagine) & so i want to get them out to as many people as possible to support them on their journey! In stores, my books are $8-10 & you can get them from me for just $5 (less than most greeting cards:-) …a friend just got 50 to pass out to people. i gave him a slight discount as this is basically at my cost! Please see the photo of 5 of my 9 books. The Great Gift book (in the photo) is $20. Contact me for books!