New testimonial for one of my books

… i just received a lovely request to use a quote from one of my books, it’s wonderful to know that my books have helped someone with handling a tough part of their life!

read more feedback for “Reflections for Living Life Fully” here



Christmas book offer

…i’m heading off to Hawaii in just over a week – i know, it’s pretty mean of me to tell you that!:-) – and i just want to wish you lots of happiness & great health in 2016!

…i have an offer, i hope you like, as i wrote my ‘Reflections’ gift books because i wanted to touch people’s hearts all over the world & i’ve had such great feedback over the years (someone’s granny even wanted to be buried with my books & that touched me deeper than you could ever imagine) & so i want to get them out to as many people as possible to support them on their journey! In stores, my books are $8-10 & you can get them from me for just $5 (less than most greeting cards:-) …a friend just got 50 to pass out to people. i gave him a slight discount as this is basically at my cost! Please see the photo of 5 of my 9 books. The Great Gift book (in the photo) is $20. Contact me for books!


My ‘Reflections’ books

…i’ve always wanted everyone to have my ‘Reflections’ books (they are around the world & in other languages:-) – any time you’d like to purchase a quantity of over 10 books as gifts, i will do it for $4 each (regularly $8) – greeting cards are $7 these days, so it’s an awesome deal:-)  Contact me for more information!

…and don’t forget my ‘Reflections’ books are available as eBooks from Amazon too! so everyone around the world can have a copy in eBook format!