New Book by Brock

Brock's Reflections from the heart book cover
Brock’s Reflections from the heart book cover

i just released a new book of my Reflections from the heart… please contact me for information on how to get a copy!

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  1. Hey Brock,

    I’ve been following you for a few years, and I am excited about your new book! Please let me know where I can buy a copy.

    I also am just finishing a book that I hope will be published by the end of October, “Musings About Angels & the Unseen Realm”, published under my pen name Pauline Brown. I am thinking of doing a small book launch in Victoria, as my publisher is there and I can go pick up my books. How do you feel about partnerships to promote other people’s books? I could have some of your books at one of my book launches and maybe you could have a few of mine or just some literature? I’d be happy you send you an e-book, as soon as I am done editing. I don’t know if you are into this kind of book, I just thought I’d ask :).

    Have a great weekend and God bless,

    Ely (Pauline) Brown (will get a dedicated domain soon!)

  2. Hi Ely….i am so so proud of you for following your heart & for going after your dreams….way to go! And your book looks like it’s going to touch a lot of people’s hearts. And it looks like you’ve got a great handle on all the techy things & you have the opportunity, & the energy (i can tell), to reach a lot of people….i don’t even go into Facebook!:-( …and i do everything by email! My Reflections book series have sold over 100,000 copies the old-fashioned way & i am so grateful that i followed my heart. After organizing many events to promote kindness & 3 long bicycle trips to prevent bullying, i am now just speaking at the occasional conference & i’m hoping to do more! i do my best to keep things simple so i just have my books there when i speak. i’ve done many of my events to promote & support other writers & performers, but now i need to focus just on my speaking! i think you are awesome for reaching out, Ely, & i will support you & your writing from a distance & i will certainly follow your journey….i see amazing things for you! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!! with love, Brock Tully:-)

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