World Kindness Concert coming soon!

…things are getting into high gear for the World Kindness Concert – Fri. Nov. 16th! It takes a lot of work putting this Concert on, but i believe so strongly in it’s message, the great feelings it evokes, and the incredible talent of performers, so much that it is a pleasure (almost always:-) to put it on…my one huge favour to ‘ask’ is that YOU take the time to let everyone you know, know about it and encourage them to come….it is only ‘together’ that we can make a huge impact on the bullying, violence, and abuse that is too prevalent in our communities!

…tickets (normally $80-120 at the Centre for Performing Arts – 1800 seats) are only $50 (and just $40 earlybird:-) – so pleeeaasssee get your tickets soon – that helps us a lot too because it gives us more funds for promotion! Get tickets on line at our website or see stores selling them at the website! Talk to me about Group tickets or buy on-line!

2 responses to “World Kindness Concert coming soon!”

  1. Hi Brock!
    I am a big supporter of your cause. My daughter who is now in grade 3 has already experienced the horrible feeling of being bullied. I am hoping to attend your concert with her. Is 8 years old too young to attend?
    Nadia Geffroy

    1. Hi Nadia….it is so great to hear from you and to see that you are concerned about your daughter…our Concert is perfect for her….it’s a family Concert that will touch your hearts deeply!
      What is your email address so i can put you in my personal data base for sendouts…please send it to and i’ll get it faster!
      Your daughter is fortunate to have a special mom like you! What area do you live in?
      with loving kindness,

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