UBC Faculty of Education Alumni Relations Article

My alma matter, the UBC Faculty of Education has run a wonderful article about me and my mission to prevent bullying in their fall 2012 newsletter:

Promoting Kindness in Schools

Brock Tully is on a mission to prevent bullying, cruelty and violence in our world.

His inspirational story began forty-two years ago, when he left his family and friends in West Vancouver to embark on a life-changing bike trip across North America. Over a six-month period, he travelled 10,000 miles across thirty-three states in the USA and Mexico, where he witnessed the hippie movement, racial riots, and Vietnam War protests in action.

“I was a Beta Theta Phi member and played football at UBC, but I was also drinking and taking drugs. I wasn’t happy,” says Brock of his 1970s self. The decision to pack up and leave for the solo road trip was for Brock, “a journey back to my heart.”

His travels and experiences culminated in a series of little inspirational books called, Reflections, that have sold over 100,000 copies to-date. “I found that what’s really missing in our world is a lack of community.”

The UBC B.Ed. graduate now runs a number of preventative and educational programs for youth through the Kindness Foundation of Canada and Kindness Rocks in Schools. Brock aims to reduce youth aggression, prevent bullying, and promote empathy through his projects, and, “show people that we really care about a kinder world.”

The 12th Annual World Kindness Concert takes place on November 16, 2012 at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, and benefits the Kindness programs. This year, the show features local acts like John Mann from Spirit of the West, Juno Award winners Valdy and Shari Ulrich, and music director, Bill Sample, who has worked with David Foster and Celine Dion. All the artists have donated their time to support this cause.

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  1. Brock you rock!!! Nice seeing you at the PNE Chopra weekend, all the best Donna
    Love to Wilma

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