Make positive change a reality!

…i’m sure you were are saddened as i am about Amanda Todd taking her life. She has given us a wake-up call to things that are happening every day in our communities and that need to change.

One of the ways everyone can help make positive change a reality is by coming to the 12th World Kindness Concert at the Vancouver Centre for Performing arts onFriday, November 16th. It’s being held to support pro-active and preventative programs that are making a difference in preventing bullying and other kinds of abuse.

We have a star-studded line-up that includes some really special performers including:

  • • Michaela Slinger (16), who grew up with Amanda Todd and who wrote a very moving, wise and positive article for her local paper following Amanda’s death
  • • Cole Armour (13), who just wrote an amazing song, called “U”, about bullying. He was recently featured on Ellen Degeneres’ Show and is on CTV’s Morning Show tomorrow, Friday, at approx. 8:30am.

Also, the many local well-known performers Valdy, Bill Henderson, Bobby Bruce, John Mann, Shari Ulrich, and others) are generously donating their time because they believe that together we can take a stand for a kinder society and have our collective voices heard.

For all details about purchasing tickets, performers, the venue, where funds go, etc., go to Purchase ten tickets or more and your names will be printed on the front of the program as “Friends of Kindness”….group tickets please contact me!:-)

…i am soooooo excited about the Concert on Friday 16 November!! 

…i really, really hope to see you there. Simply by being there, YOU are a huge part of the solution! And i know you will be totally entertained, touched, and inspired to reach out and get involved!

We all know how important it is that our children, friends and families live in a kind world – one where bullying just doesn’t happen! You can help now by telling your friends about the World Kindness Concert and encouraging them to attend. So get on to your database, Facebook and Twitter. Call or text everyone you know with this link –

Amanda’s death has stimulated an urgent conversation and made us realize that so many are yearning for positive human connection. The 3 things we need are healthy relationships, healthy relationships, and healthy relationships! 🙂

…see you soon!

…always follow your heart,


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