Volunteers Needed for a Fun Project!

We are planning a special Media Event for the World Kindness Concert this Friday, November 2nd on the Robson side of the Vancouver Art Gallery (steps) from11:45am to 1pm and wanted to invite all of you to be a part of it, if you are available.

Some very creative students from the Vancouver Film school have created a campaign to help promote the WKC this year called ‘PASS IT ON’. The premise is basically a ‘Pay it forward’ type of thing. We have had 50 bright yellow umbrellas made that have the ‘PASS IT ON’ logo on them.

On Nov. 2nd, we are looking for 50 volunteers to wear the PASS IT ON t-shirts and give one umbrella away to someone walking down the street. The idea is for the recipient of the umbrella to ‘PASS ON’ an act of Kindness and to eventually give the umbrella away to someone else. Each umbrella is numbered, with a tag that has the web-site and an explanation of the initiative. We want to encourage people to visit the PASS IT ON web-site and WKC facebook page to post and share their act of Kindness.

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