Hit n’ Strum – you should see it!

…i went to the most amazing Movie the other night that was done locally in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) – ‘Hit n’ Strum‘ – it was inspired by Andre Girard, the street person/performer i had at the World Kindness Concert a few years ago that ‘moved’ the audience to tears and a huge standing ovation. The lead actor (singer/songwriter)/producer/director, Kirk Caouette, has agreed to come to Fifth Avenue Cinema next Tuesday, March 26th, and do a Q&A after the 4:45pm Show and the 7:10 Show…we can seat 300 so get there early as it’s been held over a week – it is THAT good!:-) – i will be introducing Kirk and sharing the amazing synchronicity with Kirk’s story, Andre, and Sharon Small (street person/performer) that has performed the last 2 years and touched soooooo many of us!

Important Update:

.. Kirk, the Director & lead actor in “Hit & Strum”, and i want to apologize as we can’t have a Q&A after the Movie on Tuesday night at the Fifth Avenue Cinema on Burrard. The Manager needs more notice and the Movie was held over until next week only! Also, there is just ONE Showing that night at 7:20pm (NOT a 4:45pm showing) – there are others during that day and through the week…i will be at the 7:20pm Show & i hope i see you there!

Again, my apologies! It is such a great film and very important and is filmed in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (DTES).

2 responses to “Hit n’ Strum – you should see it!”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Brock. I did manage to see it. It was well done and a fascinating explore of the cultural differences between different strata of society.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Brock. It was a good film and an interesting clash between different strata of society.

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