High performance nutrition recommendation

…please go to www.consciousplanet.net & see their awesome new website – i can honestly say that taking their products consistently over the last 10 years has not only saved my life, but has added a lot to the quality of my life!

…i have been doing the Conscious Planet products every day for the last 10-15 years & i really mean it when i say they have been such a gift to my health & to the quality of my life & not only that, CP is local, & Charles Holmes (the Founder) is always available to answer any questions i have….it really is amazing!

…all i’m asking is that you watch & listen to his Livestream event tomorrow (Thursday, April 2, 2015) at 6:30pm

The events gonna be a high definition, multi-camera production. People will have the chance to do Q & A’s with Charles, both in person and from anywhere in the world. It’s gonna be so cool!


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