Book Launch & Kindness Sings Concert next Monday!

… look who is performing at the Kindness Sings Concert/Book Launch!!:-)

Cole Armour, Sharon Small, Leora Cashe, Timmy Pavino, Veronica Iza, Tiffany Hambrook, Ron Irving, Andrea Menard, Deanna Knight, Ivan Boudreau, Sibel Thrasher, Ranj Singh, Michael Vincent, Jaye Krebs, Doug Thordarson

…we are going to have a ton of fun, & there will be some tears too…see you SOON, i hope!:-)  – for all info & tickets please see below! Tickets are selling fast & i want YOU in the front row & i don’t mind you heckling the emcee (me:-)!  with love, Brock

Tickets & Info:

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