Kindness Sings Concert / Book Launch Tonight!

… if you’re coming to my Kindness Sings Concert/Book Launch tonight (Monday) please come early as we have a big crowd coming….it starts at 7:29pm and i would recommend being there by 7pm – it’s general seating! 🙂

There WILL BE tickets at the door, so come early for those! i REALLY would love to see you and i’m very excited & honoured for all the amazing performers who are supporting this very special event! They are AWESOME!!:-)

It’s at Unity Theatre at 42nd & Oak (5840 Oak) – just $25 includes my $20 gift book – tickets can be purchased on-line at     – it will make it easier & quicker at the door to pre-buy tickets!

Please bring lots of cash for CD’s, books, kindness bracelets, raffle, door prize, etc.!

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