World Kindness Concert ending

…after 12 amazing years of the World Kindness Concert, it is, very sadly, time to let it go! This has been a VERY tough decision!

…over the years i have organized many events and done many things to create community and bring people together, but the WKConcert has been the hardest to let go of because i always saw it’s potential for going global – the great thing is that although it stayed local, i really believe in the ripple effect of kindness and therefore the Concert has touched hearts all over the world :-)….even if you never came to it, but just by being a part of my life has been an inspiration for me.

…i organize things like the WKConcert because i really believe in us getting to the ’cause’ of why we bully, abuse nature & animals, and, most importantly, why we beat ourselves up and hurt ourselves! After my many bicycle trips around North America i have seen that people’s hearts are dying from a lack of community – i feel we are disconnected from our own hearts and, as a result, disconnected from others.

…sadly, with the World Kindness Concert, we never got the funding we had always hoped for….unfortunately, to take this event to a higher level, it is necessary! …i was always amazed that no big company stepped forward to put their name behind a Concert for raising awareness for a kinder world, but as i look back i realize that attracting funding isn’t one of my strengths. i do know in my heart i did do my very best!

…i first want to thank Jonas & Jeanette soooooo much for stepping up after the first 10 years and taking over as ‘Producers’ – they not only saved the Concert, but they took it to a much higher level and showed that it was a world-class event. i will forever be grateful, not only for their skill & talent, but for the tremendous ‘heart’, commitment, and passion they put into whatever they do! Please check out and see what they have created in schools that is touching thousands of children & youth!:-)

…i want to thank all the volunteers, performers, attendees, sponsors, and all you others who were of support from a distance! Just like sponsor-partners, we all have so many choices and i just hope we all get involved somewhere! Often, i have been of little support to other people’s special events for creating a healthier world (either by not attending or not being supportive with funds), and so i totally understand that we all have many choices.

…i’m presently working on a new book and i’d like to get out more with my speaking at conferences, businesses, schools, etc. and i may do some smaller concerts to support our AMAZING local and very talented singers & musicians. My new book will be coming out in the Fall and i’ll be doing my first ever book launch with a publishing company – very exciting 🙂 – i will probably tie it in with a concert – i’d LOVE to see you there. i’ll let you know more soon.

…i want to wish you all the very best on your journey – i really hope you, and those close to you, are happy and healthy, and i hope that you will allow me to stay in touch with you by staying on my data base….i will let you know if i plan on organizing any community events and i always love to hear not only what you are up to, but how you are doing.

THANKYOU again, for being a very important part of my life – in one way or another! PLEASE pass this info on through Facebook, etc. to others i can’t reach to let them know that the World Kindness Concert has been cancelled, but we’ll all, hopefully, keep doing our best to be KIND!:-)

with gratitude & love,



World Kindness Concert VIP Tickets

…we are excited about this year’s World Kindness Concert and we VERY much appreciate sponsor-partner support……a great special we have is 12 VIP tickets for $1,000 – includes name on the big screen & in the program and backstage pass to meet the performers! Please contact me asap!

Argyle Secondary Concert Choir interview in North Shore News

… there is a wonderful article in the North Shore News about the Argyle Secondary’s Concert Choir, composed of 48 Grade 11 and 12 students, who will be performing at the World Kindness Concert for the second time this year!

… i asked them to come on board after watching them sing at a fundraiser for South African education initiatives at Kay Meek Centre last year… they will be performing African songs about a mother teaching her child to be respectful and responsible and then to share this with others and spread kindness to all…

… it’s a fabulous message and we are so happy to have them perform with us!

CTV News Interview and Song

…please see the great CTV News interview and song with Adam Lucas (19 years old) from Australia & Jonas & Jeanette, our Producers & performers for the World Kindness Concert – there is a short 30 second Ad before the song & interview!!

…please see the World Kindness Concert website for all info including buying tickets, performers, venue, times, etc….i hope you are as EXCITED as i am!:-) – these are just some of the performers we have… they are all awesome!

Amanda Todd’s family will be joining us for the World Kindness Concert

…i hope they feel the tremendous support of love we feel for them. i hope, too, they see that we are taking ‘action’ through our programs to prevent bullying, and our commitment get to the cause of these painful tragedies!

…please see the World Kindness Concert website for all info including buying tickets, performers, venue, times, etc….i hope you are as EXCITED as i am!:-) – the line-up of performers is awesome!

Make positive change a reality!

…i’m sure you were are saddened as i am about Amanda Todd taking her life. She has given us a wake-up call to things that are happening every day in our communities and that need to change.

One of the ways everyone can help make positive change a reality is by coming to the 12th World Kindness Concert at the Vancouver Centre for Performing arts onFriday, November 16th. It’s being held to support pro-active and preventative programs that are making a difference in preventing bullying and other kinds of abuse.

We have a star-studded line-up that includes some really special performers including:

  • • Michaela Slinger (16), who grew up with Amanda Todd and who wrote a very moving, wise and positive article for her local paper following Amanda’s death
  • • Cole Armour (13), who just wrote an amazing song, called “U”, about bullying. He was recently featured on Ellen Degeneres’ Show and is on CTV’s Morning Show tomorrow, Friday, at approx. 8:30am.

Also, the many local well-known performers Valdy, Bill Henderson, Bobby Bruce, John Mann, Shari Ulrich, and others) are generously donating their time because they believe that together we can take a stand for a kinder society and have our collective voices heard.

For all details about purchasing tickets, performers, the venue, where funds go, etc., go to Purchase ten tickets or more and your names will be printed on the front of the program as “Friends of Kindness”….group tickets please contact me!:-)

…i am soooooo excited about the Concert on Friday 16 November!! 

…i really, really hope to see you there. Simply by being there, YOU are a huge part of the solution! And i know you will be totally entertained, touched, and inspired to reach out and get involved!

We all know how important it is that our children, friends and families live in a kind world – one where bullying just doesn’t happen! You can help now by telling your friends about the World Kindness Concert and encouraging them to attend. So get on to your database, Facebook and Twitter. Call or text everyone you know with this link –

Amanda’s death has stimulated an urgent conversation and made us realize that so many are yearning for positive human connection. The 3 things we need are healthy relationships, healthy relationships, and healthy relationships! 🙂

…see you soon!

…always follow your heart,